Unicycle Motor Race!

Do you wanna Try?

1. The race covers a distance of 30.48 meters (100 foot) from stand still(or stationary) position
2. The unicycle can have only 1 wheel
3. The engine has to be a minimum of 5 years old or older
4. There may only be raced with standard factory engines (no modifications)
5. The unicycle may not be longer than 2.43 meter (8 feet) and not wider than 1.22 meter (4 feet)
6. Classes are as far as needed:
A) 750cc - 1300 (Harley 1344) 
B) 400cc -749cc 
C) 200cc - 399cc 
D) 0 -199cc
7. A killswitch with a cord attached to an arm or the body of the driver is obligatory
8. Gastank with a maximum of 1.5liter
9. The ground(earth) in front of the rear wheel axle may (or as less as possible) be touched during the competition (no sliding)
10. The unicycle may not contain any loose parts



Lobo said...

That´s fucking crazy... But i would try if i had the chance.

Katisaysfuckyou. said...

Freak but i like it! hahaha