Ferdinand Porsche born september 3 1875, started in the automobile industry at a very young age, already in 1900 the Lohner-Porsche electric car was presented at the world fair in Paris, which was the worlds first hybrid petrol/electric vehicle. In 1906 he followed his career working for Daimler and was responsible for most of their designs including the designs of the legendary Mercedes compressor sports car.

In 1931 he opened his own company, a vehicle design and consulting office in Stuttgart. In 1934 Porsche received an official order to design and construct the German Volkswagen, which within the year was test driven, the first VW Beetle was born. Until the war several racing cars were developed and produced. During wartime it was quiet, and Porsche designed several heavy tanks and other war material. But in 1946 under direction of Ferdinand’s son Ferry the design of an all wheeldrive race car was started, which resulted in the Cistalia (Type 360). Followed in 1948 by the Porsche of Porsche’s the 356, in which for a part the original VW Beetle design can be found. Ferdinand Porsche passed away in 1951 from a stroke. The company went forward under direction of his son Ferry.

The 356 went through many different stages of improvement. During the mid fifties they came out with the Spider, their roadster model, which became best known for his most famous driver/owner, James Dean, rebel actor who lost his life in his Spider dubbed “Little Bastard”. In 1964 Porsche launched their most famous model to date the 911 with an air cooled 6 cylinder boxer engine. The 911 is still in Porsche’s product line today, which makes it one of the car models with the longest production. During the 70s they came out with a V8 engined model the 928. During the 80s they added the 944 and in the 90s the Boxster was added to the line-up. In 2002 Porsche entered the SUV market when they came out with the now famous Cayenne. Porsche design bureau has the utmost expertise when it comes to designing air-cooled engines, which explains why Harley-Davidson in the early eighties collaborated with Porsche for the design of their Evolution engine and later for their current Twin Cam and V-Rod engines. American power designed by Porsche.

Keep those wheel rolling!!!

James Dean - *08/02/1931 - *30/09/1955

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