Leopoldsburg a little Sturgis in Belgium>>> PILOT!

Every year in the first weekend of august thousands of Harley-Davidsons and their owners take over the historic town of Leopoldsburg in Belgium.

The entire center of the town is closed for any other vehicle than a Harley! All day you you see bikes riding around and parked on the curb. With terrasses ever few meters where you can sit down enjoy the sights and have a drink or some food.

The atmosphere is always good and pleasant, with riders from colour clubs, HOG members and non club riders riding around together. A biker market in two different locations in the city where you can find biker clothes and aftermarket bike parts.

Also Q-tec was there displaying their 4 wheeled Harley quads, really cool, but unfortunately because of the European regulations they are soundless…

You really had to keep your eyes open all the time with to many things happening, guys yelling to girls on the motorcycles to show their boobs and occassionally one showing them…many riders wearing masks, and to many bikes with people riding three up…

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